Software Solutions of Asheville, Inc.

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This commercial roofing customer was collecting information in a number of ways.  They needed a system for their office and something their reps could take to the job site.


This custom database tracks leads through when they become customers.  Instead of doing it manually, by filling in a screen and clicking a button we can generate and mail a PDF quote.


The front-end is Microsoft Access.  To get to the data from anywhere we put the back-end tables in SQL Server.  The security system lets each rep only see their own leads and customers.  Buttons show or hide depending upon who is signed on. 






This Access database is used in the office and connects to an online SQL database that handles warranty registrations.


US Installers logon and enter warranty information online.  For other countries we import the information from Excel.  When the Access database opens it exchanges information with the website.


The program tracks the number of installs and send out congratulatory letters to installers.  To help customers find an installer in their area, the database exports names that can be looked up on the company's marketing website. 


Reports let us track Installers and Sales and stay on top of US and international business.




Some jobs come in and have to be split with parts going back to re-work or moving several steps ahead.  This manufacturing database handles all of this.


Over the years we have added more functions: quality control, 

quoting , molds, mandrels, gauges, PC folders for photos and

spec sheets, UPS tracking, Returned Goods Authorization, automatic emailing, and posting to Outlook.


Reports show what is happening across the plant and point out bottlenecks and late jobs.  When the plant manager comes up with a new idea we work together to make it happen.



This client sells and services Golf Cars.  Some are privately owned,

others belong to a club.


Service calls are an important part of the business.  In the past information was tracked in several ways.  This database pulls it all together.


Calls are assigned to technicians and a schedule is printed.

Serial numbers and vehicle information is tracked along

with repair history.


When their customers need service or a new golf car, the database

is there to help with the sale and follow-up.


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People today would like to stay in their homes as long as possible, and this Innovative company has new technologies that make this possible.
This website tracks home repairs and requests for new items.  An online SQL database takes the request, location, and type of repair, and emails the correct repair person.  The request shows up on their smart phone.  When the repair is completed an email is sent back to the requestor.

An attached Access database lets us add users, do maintenance, and run reports.    


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Habitat for Humanity is doing great things for people and this Access database helps manage the many areas of their business. 


This product is installed in several affiliates and pulls everything together in one place:  individuals, companies, gifts and pledges, home applicants, repairs, volunteers, and construction crews.


When you change an address or phone in Constituents it is changed everywhere. 

The product is easy for volunteers and staff to use, and a variety of reports track everything from gifts by Constituent Type to who qualifies for a Habitat Home.  






We match people and jobs. 

This product tracks skills, education, and interest as well as work history, veteran qualification, and more.


Reports help  put people back to work and provide statistics on job seekers and employment success.






With so many students it is easy to miss required deadlines and meetings with counselors and parents. 


This custom product was designed to meet the specific needs of exceptional students at a local public school.  It has automatic reminders and reports that track student classifications.


The front-end screens were written in Access. The back-end data is stored in SQL Server to provide additional stability for a large number of users.




This customer needed a product to manage classes, run national conferences, and sell products.


It was designed exactly as they do business and the program goes with them to shows.  


They select an event to work with at the bottom of the screen and the program handles everything from registration to printing badges.