Software Solutions of Asheville, Inc.

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Our Business is Microsoft Access

We write Custom Microsoft Access Database Applications.


Why do we specialize in Access?           


It is one of the most widely-used databases and is part of Microsoft Office Professional Suite.  Many people use Excel, and Access easily imports and exports to this.  Access can also post to Outlook and email reports in pdf format.


What if I out-grow Access? 


Microsoft has provided a growth path to SQL Server a robust database product.  We can upsize your data to SQL, use your current Access screens and reports, and keep going. 


Can I get to my data from anywhere?  Can Access be part of a website?


We have written applications that use Access, SQL, and which is Microsoft's web product.  Together these let you enter information online, get to it from anywhere, and use it for reports in your office.


How do I get started? 


Call us at 828-258-1171 or click the Contact tab above to send an email.  We will contact you and come to your office if you are nearby to discuss your requirements.  There is no charge for this initial consultation.

 Products we have written - click the Customers tab above

We have written custom Access databases for Customers in these industries:  Manufacturing production and quality control, Inventories and pricing, Green Industries - hot water thermal analysis, 911 Addressing and Dispatch, Medical and Medicare, Bank mortgage risk assessment, Products for Seniors live-in care, Satellite manufacturing, Commercial Roofing, Piano Humidifier products, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development, Retail Children's clothing, Drapery and apparel, Habitat for Humanity, Medical asthma studies, Live auctions, Lumber and forestry, Automatic email, posting to Outlook.